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Employee Assistance Programmes

The UK workforce is experiencing its greatest ever period of pressure - uncertainty, instability, insecurity and at the same time a need for a higher level of performance, productivity and engagement. Organisations need healthy productive people. EAP expertise can deliver swift and effective interventions to build resilience, support wellness and promote engagement.

The EAP business proposition and delivery is built around supporting your employees to maximise their attendance at work and perform to the best of their ability. It provides accessible and timely professional and appropriate support across the work life spectrum, focusing on health and wellbeing and ensure appropriate support and early intervention is available when required.

This includes support in:

  • Confidential Helpline
  • Counselling
  • Debt Management
  • Management Support
  • Career Guidance
  • Day 1 Stress Interventions
  • Critical Incident Support
  • Mental Health
  • Building resilience

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