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Medical Screening

Medical Screening is an extremely cost effective and speedy process to determine the health of prospective employees.

The Questionnaire for each candidate is assessed by an Occupational Health Nurse, occasionally with reference to an Occupational Health Physician. We evaluate the individual against the job criteria and our knowledge of the job and advise accordingly.

Our objective is to assess the medical suitability of the employee for the job and to advise you of any restrictions/disabilities or recommendations that may be relevant.

Typically if the assessment is straightforward a fitness form is completed and issued to the appointing officer within 48 hours of receipt.

In a very small percentage of cases it may be necessary for The Occupational Health Nurse to obtain a report from the candidate's own medical advisers (G.P./Specialist) or arrange a pre-employment consultation assessment with one of our Occupational Health Physicians. This will be arranged in conjunction with the Appointing Officer.

If necessary a medical assessment will be recommended.

MKOH can provide paper or electronic solutions to provide screening solutions for:

  • Employment Screening – to provide an employee and their new employer a basis on which to ensure that the employees’ health and fitness meet the demands and potential hazards of the job.
  • Night worker screening - Night worker medical paper screening is advised for all night workers and is usually completed at pre-employment stage; where internal staff move within the organisation which results in the commencement of Night Working; when there is a change in duties of an individual in their current Night worker post.
  • Food Handler - The Food Safety Act 1990 and the Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations (1995) require employers to take action in preventing food contamination.   Food handling Regulations require every employer to ensure that staff handling unwrapped food is not transmitting any diseases.

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