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National Management Referrals

MKOH can arrange a medical consultation with one of our Qualified Occupational Health Physicians or Nurse Advisers who will be able to provide a professional medical opinion.

MKOH provides clear unambiguous actionable advice on how to manage the employee with the report.

Advice and recommendations will be given to both employee and employer on the steps that should be taken to enable the employee to return to work.   It will ensure that the consultation will address standard questions suggested and expected by MKOH as well as specific questions requested by the employer.

The report will advise management regarding the concerns raised about the employee's health and to make recommendations about what adjustments, or next steps are required.  This will be discussed with the employee as part of the consultation to ensure a report is provided to Management with both informed specialist medical opinion and commitment from the employee enabling them to factor this into their Management decisions.

Consultations can be carried out face to face or remotely enabling a swift response to referrals by MKOH in any area of the country.  The consultations can be provided on or off site, on a one off ad-hoc basis or on a continual contractual basis.

A referral with MKOH could not be easier to arrange. All you have to do is contact us via telephone or email to request a management referral.

We will then send you a management referral form and relevant consents to complete and subsequently book an appointment for you/your employee with one of our OH Physicians or Nurses across the UK.

Alternatively you can obtain the forms and procedure from our download page and return them to us on the email stated in the documentation when completed.

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