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Sickness Management

Facilitate the rehabilitation of your employees back into the workplace

National Management Referrals

Independent medical Assessments with 20 minutes of your staff throughout the uk.

Medical Screening

Identify workplace adjustments to support individuals in the workplace and manage risks

Audiometry Testing

Over 1 million employees in the UK are exposed to excessive levels of noise at work that puts their hearing at risk.

Health Surveillance

Support at all levels of the Health Surveillance Cycle including COSHH medicals, HAV assessments and work specific medicals – climber medicals, firefighter medicals

Driver Medicals

Group 2 medical assessments for HGV drivers, Taxi Drivers and Racing Drivers

Onsite Support

Tailored proactive approach for your business needs across the UK

Appointed Specialists

HSE Appointed Medicals for Asbestos, Lead and Ioning Radiation.

Health & Wellbeing

Deliver a tailored health & wellbeing programme to your organisation and employee’s.

Occupational Vaccines

Occupational vaccine programmes for individuals in the work place who are at risk in the role or who may require travel vaccinations as part of their job.


By using a number of different methods and approach, Physiotherapy can assist in helping an individual recover from short term illness or longer term disability.

Employee Assistance Programmes

EAP expertise can deliver swift and effective interventions to build resilience, support wellness and promote engagement.


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