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have you needed swift immediate short-term absence support that doesn't need a management referral, or a colleague needs support within their workplace?  Our SWIFT programme can support your HR team in managing these ocurrances.

Are you new to Occupational Health and just need us to chat with a colleague about absence or performance in the workplace?

Does your experienced HR team need us to chat with a colleague and provide you with short term swift practical advice?

Our SWIFT service can assist with 

  • SWIFT advice to clients and their colleagues to enable management of short-term absence

  • Offer the colleague a triage/medical appointment, providing support and advice on their health condition - fed back to their employer too

  • Minimise absence through proactive interventions

  • Provide concise reports on understanding health issues and how to manage them in the workplace

  • Act as a deterrent to stop colleagues from reporting non-genuine reasons for absence​

  • Assist companies with proactively managing presenteeism

Contact our Operations Team to see how we can tailor a solution for your business and employees - either as a standalone service or part of a wider Occupationa Health package.

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