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employee wellbeing

The majority of our days are spent in the workplace and it is essential that organisations consider the wellbeing - mental and physical - of their employees.

A simple programme of awareness and medicals could help.

The majority of most of our days are spent in the working environment and this environment can play a large role in our overall wellbeing.  MKOH are very aware of the benefits to companies and their employees of introducing an effective health and wellbeing programme.

MKOH can provide a large variety of tailored health & wellbeing programmes to organisations and their employee’s.

These can include healthy eating, exercise, stopping smoking, mini checkups, health awareness, advice on stress, alcohol consumption, drug awareness……………. just to name a few.


MKOH believe that a healthy workforce is a healthy business and have seen companies that implement health & wellbeing programmes in to their businesses schedule, will see improved quality and productiveness amongst their staff with less absenteeism improving their employee’s job satisfaction, morale and motivation.

Health & Wellbeing programmes are easily implemented, cost effective and a great way of caring for your employees whilst reaping the benefits of a more production workforce.

MKOH can provide a range of solutions which can deliver bespoke solution or provide a support solution as part of our onsite work with you.  They include:

  • Mini Lifestyle medical

  • General Health medical

  • Executive Medical

  • Toolbox Talks

Regular medicals help to keep you fully informed over your physical health, and allow early detection of potential risks or problems giving you an accurate picture of your condition and lifestyle.

MKOH offers a variety of lifestyle medicals from OH Nurse based medicals complimenting Health & Wellbeing activities to full OH Physician Executive or Senior Manager Medicals

Executive medicals can perform a key role in keeping your workforce happy, healthy and working to its full potential. Detecting an illness in its early stages can greatly improve the chances of effective and successful treatment, and also help avoid the need to take a significant length of time off work.

On the completion of each medical, our OH Physician/Nurse will explain the results to the employee and give advice to the employee and employer as appropriate.

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