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fitness for work medicals

Ensuring employees are fit for work is essential......


 “Where the ill health of an individual may compromise their ability to undertake a task defined as safety critical, thereby posing a significant risk to the health and safety of others.”

Fitness for work medicals can cover such a huge range of roles, each requiring the individual or employee to show that they are fit for their role, ensuring that they are not posing significant risk to others.  It is important that these workers are not suffering from medical conditions or undergoing any medical treatment which is likely to cause sudden loss of consciousness or incapacity, impairment of awareness, concentration, balance or coordination or significant limitation of mobility.

MKOH provide a comprehensive range of fitness to work medicals which can be tailored to each companies requirements. 


Typically Safety Critical Medicals are required for the following occupations among others:

  • FLT Driver (in specific circumstances)

  • Driver and Mechanical Handling Equipment Operator

  • Plant Operator

  • Scaffolder/Rigger

  • Roadside (high speed) worker

  • Tunnelling worker

  • Slinger/Signaller/Banksman/Traffic Marshall

  • Confined Space

  • Oil & Gas Medicals (OGUK)

  • Working at Heights

Depending on the role, the medical could include the following elements:


  •  Health Questionnaire

  •  OHT/N Physical Examination (Height, Weight BP etc)

  •  Urinalysis

  •  Finger Prick for Glucose & Cholesterol

  •  Audiometry

  •  Spirometry

  •  Snellen / Ishihara / Keystone

  •  Skin Check

  •  HAV Questionnaire

  •  Grip Test

  •  Step Test

  •  D&A Test (Optional)

  •  OHN Consultation

Locally, our team can also offer:

  • Taxi Driver Medical

  • HGV Driver Medical

  • LGV Driver Medical

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