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Management Referrals

Nurse & Physician Management referrals across the UK providing thorough and practical advice - face to face, on-line and telephone.


Let MKOH manage your surveillance programme for your employees - meeting your legal obligations. and HSE compliance.

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Driver Medicals

Our team can provide driver medicals to Group 2 standard - Taxi, & HGV support

Asbestos Medicals

Our HSE Appointed Physicians can provide medical support to those affected or potentially affected by asbsestos..

Retirement Protection

OH Physician expert and registered support for public and private pension schemes.

ST Absence.jpeg

Supporting HR with Swift intervention for short term, often recurring absences or assisting colleagues with concerns when in the workplace.

Hearing Tests
Audiometry Testing

Peripatetic Audiometry Service bringing all equipment to site - or at our clinic booths.

Safety Critical.jpg
Safety Critical Medicals

Provide a full range of Safety Critical Medicals tailored for each work role and type (including Oil & Gas) - have a look at the examples.

Hand Arm Vibration

MKOH can complete your employee HAV surveillance - a significant health risk wherever powered hand tools are used for significant lengths of time 

Drug Testing
Drug & Alcohol Testing

Support employees wellbeing and the safety of other workers through random and for cuase testing.

Health Screening

Initial screening is a simple on line questionnaire to start the process of proactive management and wellbeing of employees..

Lungs Sketch
Spirometry Testing

Peripatetic Spirometry service ensuring the wellbeing of employees and legal obligations.

Worker with Mask
Face Fit Testing

Nurse and Technician support ensuring masks are fitted correctly - especially with COVID risks too.

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Oil & Gas Medical (UGUK)

Oil & Gas UK (OGUK) sets a standard of fitness to be reached by anyone working in the industry...MKOH can complete your certificate.

Occupational Vaccines

Our OH Nurses can help manage company vaccine programmes required for their workplace wellbeing.

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