At MKOH our team take great pride in delivering a ‘personal service’ on a National basis, ensuring client companies  are provided with direct contacts for our team (no call centres)  which in turn help us to work with your company to support and develop the OH services we deliver for you. 


For on site work MKOH will provide consistent OH professionals for each visit whilst being support by our expert administration team.  

All of the service detailed below can be provided clinic and customer site based solutions either as part of a scheduled programme of support or as an ad-hoc basis.  

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MKOH is a peripatetic service and can deliver most of our services direct to your site.

Workplace visits enable us to become part of your team. Understanding the working environment and seeing individuals in the workplace enables us to be more pro-active in our liaison with your management team and the services.

Regular visit schedules enable us to coordinate our approach to your occupational health needs and provide a bespoke service and programme to suit your business and statutory needs.


MKOH can arrange a medical consultation with one of our Qualified Occupational Health Physicians or Nurse Advisers who will be able to provide a professional medical opinion - clear, unambiguous actionable advice on how to manage the employee with the report.

The advice and recommendations will address standard questions suggested and expected by MKOH as well as specific questions requested by the employer.


Consultations can be carried out face to face or remotely via phone or video link (e.g. Skype) enabling a swift response to referrals by MKOH in any area of the country. 


Health surveillance is a system of ongoing health checks. These health checks may be required by law for employees who are exposed to noise or vibration, ionising radiation, solvents, fumes, dusts, biological agents and other substances hazardous to health, or work in compressed air.

MKOH can play an active role in providing support at all levels of the Health Surveillance Cycle as outlined below:

  • Design and advice of health surveillance programmes

  • Audiometry Testing

  • COSHH Medicals

  • Skin & Lung Assessments

  • Vision Screening

  • HAV Medicals

  • Urine and Blood analysis – e.g. isocyanates, Nikel, Lead



MKOH can provide screening solutions for:

  • Employment Screening – to provide an employee and their new employer a basis on which to ensure that the employees’ health and fitness meet the demands and potential hazards of the job.

  • Night worker screening - Night worker medical paper screening is advised for all night workers and is usually completed at pre-employment stage; where internal staff move within the organisation which results in the commencement of Night Working; when there is a change in duties of an individual in their current Night worker post.



For many of our customers MKOH offers a convenient, nationwide on-site audiometry service.

MKOH have fully portable audiometry equipment that can be used onsite at your company to test your staff’s hearing. This offers minimal disruption to the workforce and does not require any of your staff to leave the premises.

Many of our customer utilise us to deliver statutory Audiometry tests on an annual basis.  We can then provide them with a site and business report analysing the results with the business and identifying trends and areas of improvement required.



MKOH can provide key appointed specialist medicals including:

  • Oil & Gas

  • Ionising

  • Asbestos

  • Lead

  • Hand Arm Vibration



Many of the companies and individuals that use MKOH both on site and in our clinics are from the logistics, distribution, transport and taxi industries.

We therefore have vast experience in delivering FLT, Taxi Licensing, HGV, LGV, PSV and Coach medicals.


Many jobs require protection against diseases and management of any incidents that may occur in the workplace.

MKOH Can provide a full end to end service, confirming the requirements for each job role (risk or regulatory based) and managing a programme to suit each individual or business.  If required this can be supported through medical screening.



Providing a suitable Drug & Alcohol policy is in place, MKOH can provide a random and for cause programme to support the Occupational Health services.

This can either be provided as part of the Health Surveillance programme or as a separate deliverable to meet business requirements.



An accurate diagnosis is the key to good treatment. Our physiotherapists begin by getting a comprehensive history of your injury, then thoroughly assess the relevant body area. Your physiotherapist will then discuss your treatment plan with you, which is then continuously monitored to ensure the best possible outcome. Treatment usually consists of a mixture of hands on treatment combined with rehabilitation exercises for the patient to do at home and/or at work in between sessions.


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