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management referrals

If there are concerns that work could be affecting an employee’s health, or conversely, a health issue could be affecting an employee’s ability to carry out their job, then a referral should be made to the Occupation Health team.

If you want to get your employees back to work safely or prevent absenteeism in the first place, MKOH can arrange a medical consultation with one of our Qualified Occupational Health Physicians or Nurse Advisers who will be able to provide a professional medical opinion - clear, unambiguous actionable advice on how to manage the employee with the report.

You should consider referring employees if:

  • an employee has a high level of sickness absence

  • there is concern about their health

  • there is concern about their performance

  • the employer or employee suspects that work-related tasks may be aggravating the problem

  • there are concerns about the employee coping with a return to work after a period of absence.

The advice and recommendations will address standard questions suggested and expected by MKOH as well as specific questions requested by the employer.


Consultations can be carried out face to face, remotely via Zoom or remotely via phone enabling a swift response to referrals in any area of the country. 

The OH expert will give advice on:

  • the medical condition behind the referral

  • the impact in the workplace

  • the fitness to work of the individual

  • how to integrate the employee back into the business

  • potential impact of the Equality Act

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